Why Losing Your Job Can Be a Good Thing - A New Start

The world's economy is in very poor shape- every day, news headlines announce foreclosures, layoffs, job loss and company shutdowns. However, if the job you lost had no opportunity for advancement or you were stuck in a hostile work environment, losing your job can be a good thing.

The loss of a job can be good for you if it helps you realize that you need to make positive changes. Losing a job isn't always a reflection on you or your on-the-job performance; for the employer, it is solely a business decision. Playing the "blame game" does no good- if you can, cultivate a good relationship with your ex-boss, not just for a good recommendation but because it's the right thing to do. Losing a job is much less stressful if you view that loss as an opportunity to grow and change, or to learn a new skill. Your positive attitude will serve you well in your search for a new job, and it will make you an asset to any company that hires you.

Becoming unemployed can also be a good thing if it opens the door to a better-paying position. Of course, the status quo is much more comfortable, and staying the same will not exactly encourage you to reflect on where your career is going. Losing a job can cause you to reevaluate your education, experience and skills, as well as to explore new possibilities. You'll also have the time to rework your resume to reflect the skills you've acquired lately. Most jobs allow you to build on the training you've received, and the new skills may be in high demand.

Losing a job can be a good thing when it encourages you to set new goals in your career. Consider what resources you need when you're searching for a job. Who do you know, and how can you use those relationships to find your next job? As bad as today's job market is, think about accepting a temporary position until something better comes along. The more you are willing to adapt, the easier it is to find a job.

Unemployment can also be a good thing when you use your problem-solving skills to formulate a strategy, examine the market, and reflect on how you've grown. Searching for a job requires honesty, a positive attitude, flexibility and creativity, which are traits that rarely come without having gone through some kind of adversity. The loss of a job can be great when it causes you to reevaluate your life, and you should use the opportunity to clarify your goals.